First up, I am not a morning person. I can find it quite the challenge to haul my ass out of bed each morning and usually the first half an hour of being awake is a little bit fuzzy an experience, and I try to avoid too much stimulation. Well, I should say that I never used to be a morning person, that is until recently.
I am an avid fan of Jess Lively and through her weekly podcast, The Lively Show, I discovered the Miracle Morning, created by Hal Elrod, who appeared on her show as a guest. When I listened to the show, something twigged in my brain and I remembered someone else discussing the Miracle Morning on their blog… now who was it again??? It was another of my favourite blogs, Miranda’s Notebook. Miranda had shared how she was experiencing the Miracle Morning and the amazing benefits it had afforded her too. So, armed with two seriously strong recommendations and with a burning desire to see how my morning could be radically overhauled to change my life for the better, I ordered the book from Amazon.
I was not disappointed – I read the book in one sitting and was seriously inspired to try it out for myself. So, you get up an hour earlier than normal and spend time working on your goals and developing yourself, in a nutshell. Hal recommends that you do the following: experience silence (through prayer, meditation or whatever floats your boat), affirmations, visualisation, exercise, reading and scribing (writing, or journaling). I’ve tried sticking to Hal’s way and though I found it enjoyable, I think I’m going to tweak it a little more to my own unique way of doing things, which he strongly urges you to do in the book. I think it’s good to have a prescribed way of doing things to begin with, to provide some structure whilst you’re feeling your way around the new experience, but once you’ve found your footing it’s quite nice just to adjust things a little to what is relevant in your life.

I thought that getting up at 6am would be complete anaethema to me, but I’m loving it. Time to be completely by myself to contemplate, to relax, to be productive and active is sheer bliss, and much more preferable to lying in bed. It’s hard, don’t get me wrong, to get up on these cold, dark autumnal mornings, but it’s definitely worth it.
I’m spending the time in prayer, which is easy for me and I find myself rabbiting on a bit too long at times. I find visualisation very difficult. Well, I find it easy to visualise the end point of my goals, but not so easy visualising what I’ll have to do to reach my goals! Much as in real llife I suppose – it’s very easy to have goals but you have to put the work in if you want to see them come to fruition. I’ve heard of many others struggling with this part of the Miracle Morning, as it can be hard work to imagine some of the difficult obstacles we might have to overcome before reaching our much loved and treasured goals! Exercise is great is it gets the bloood pumping round the body and wakes me up, reading is brilliant as it means I can make time for non-fiction books that inspire – like Big Magic from Elizabeth Gilbert which I am currently reading during my morning routine. I am also keeping a gratitude journal which is immensely satisfying and such a positive, lovely thing to read back to yourself in darker moments – no negativity here! That’s my miracle morning as it stands, but I’m keen to like I say, tweak it a little so that I feel less like I’m doing someone else’s routine. I’d like to include some craft and some creative writing too. Perhaps I’ll need to get up even earlier!
I really recommend the book to anyone, it is light, cheery reading and leaves you wiith goosebumps all over as you contemplate just how awesome it is to have an hour a day dedicated to your personal goals and achievements. Or just go to the website for a quick look around if you’re not interested in the book. The thing with the miracle morning is that it is nothing new, like anything it is an old concept reworked and repackaged for the modern age. Hal has done a really good job on it too! (No, I’m not on his payroll!)
Try it, you might just love it!


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